No reservation is required. Feel free to come visit us!
If you are interested in just peeking in, our staff members would be happy to show you around for free.
* In principle, we will allow you to come in only when you visit us to use our facilities.

■What Do I wear?

Any clothing is okay as long as you can move with ease with it on.
It is recommended you wear what you do not care so much about getting dirty.
If you plan to rent a pair of climbing shoes from us, you will have to bring
a pair of socks with you.

■What Gear Do I need?

We have rental gear such as climbing shoes and chalk ready for you.
Even if you have no climbing gear, do not worry.
You can just visit us and start climbing.
* Climbing with shoes other than climbing shoes is dangerous. If you do not have a pair of climbing shoes, you will have to use our rental shoes.

If you have never experienced bouldering, let us know upon your visit. Our staff members would happily help you learn the basics of climbing, rules, manners, etc.

If you want to know more climbing techniques, better climbing moves, etc, feel free to talk to our staff members. We are very much willing to provide you with our best possible advice.We also have private lessons and programs available to bring your bouldering skills and techniques up to the next level (additional fees required).

We have 12m sport climbing walls.
ONLY those who have knowledge on and experience in sport climbing are allowed to use the facilities in principle.
Our staff members do NOT serve as your belayer. Therefore, if you plan to climb our sport climbing walls, you will have to bring with you someone who has sufficient sport climbing/belaying experience.
If you are a sport climbing beginner and still want to climb the sport climbing walls, you will have to bring with you someone who has sufficient sport climbing/belaying experience OR take our climbing school lessons.

●Can Minors Use the Facilities?

If you are a minor and younger than age 18, upon registration, your waiver form MUST be signed and sealed by your parent.
Without your parent’s signature or seal, you will not be allowed to use our facilities.
In addition, if you are a minor NOT accompanied by your parent, you are not allowed to stay with us after 8:00pm.

●Can Kids Use the Facilities?

If an elementary school kid wants to use our facilities, he/she will MUST be
accompanied by an adult person (Each kid must be accompanied by one adult
person, or one adult person can bring up to two kids.)
An adult person accompanying an elementary school kid/kids need be registered with us (¥1,000 for registration).
While we have rental climbing shoes for kids, they can wear their own indoor gym shoes for climbing with us.
* As for pre-school kids, we limit their use of our facilities to those who are capable to do so.
We may NOT be able to let your kid/kids to use our facilities when we are too crowded or when other conditions in our gym do not permit from the safety point of view.

You can learn the basic knowledge and techniques, using the Pyramid Wall (95 degrees on average) of the OMC Walls (12m tall).
You will climb up a route on the wall, secured with a rope run through the anchor of sufficient strength fixed at the very top of the route.

You can take lead climbing lessons AFTER you have completed the top rope climbing lessons.
This is one step forward toward a full-fledged rock climber.
You, as a climber, will climb up a route while periodically clipping a rope into protection on the face of the route.